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For a positioned box, the Discount Cheap Alix Classic Collection Eleni Thong Bodysuit Sale 2018 Newest Manchester Cheap Online Marketable Cheap Price CRFWeqtJ
property specifies:

Values have the following meanings:


In this section, the expression "in front of" means closer to the user as the user faces the screen.

In CSS2.1, each box has a position in three dimensions. In addition to their horizontal and vertical positions, boxes lie along a "z-axis" and are formatted one on top of the other. Z-axis positions are particularly relevant when boxes overlap visually. This section discusses how boxes may be positioned along the z-axis.

The order in which the rendering tree is painted onto the canvas is described in terms of stacking contexts. Stacking contexts can contain further stacking contexts. A stacking context is atomic from the point of view of its parent stacking context; boxes in other stacking contexts may not come between any of its boxes.

Each box belongs to one stacking context . Each positioned box in a given stacking context has an integer stack level , which is its position on the z-axis relative other stack levels within the same stacking context. Boxes with greater stack levels are always formatted in front of boxes with lower stack levels. Boxes may have negative stack levels. Boxes with the same stack level in a stacking context are stacked back-to-front according to document tree order.

The root element forms the root stacking context. Other stacking contexts are generated by any positioned element (including relatively positioned elements) having a computed value of 'z-index' other than 'auto'. Stacking contexts are not necessarily related to containing blocks. In future levels of CSS, other properties may introduce stacking contexts, for example ' Eyelet Skirt Casual Studio Sale Release Dates Sale Get To Buy Free Shipping Cheap Real Cheap Sale Store For Sale Cheap Real BFLss

Within each stacking context, the following layers are painted in back-to-front order:

Within each stacking context, positioned elements with stack level 0 (in layer6), non-positioned floats (layer4), inline blocks (layer5), and inline tables (layer5), are painted as if those elements themselves generated new stacking contexts, except that their positioned descendants and any would-be child stacking contexts take part in the current stacking context.

This painting order is applied recursively to each stacking context. This description of stacking context painting order constitutes an overview of the detailed normative definition in Discounts Online Aphrodite Maxi Dress Meghan LA Many Kinds Of Online Buy Cheap Shop Offer Clearance Comfortable GA5jyXKXkG

In the following example, the stack levels of the boxes (named with their "id" attributes) are: "text2"=0, "image"=1, "text3"=2, and "text1"=3. The "text2" stack level is inherited from the root box. The others are specified with the 'z-index' property.

This example demonstrates the notion of transparency . The default behavior of the background is to allow boxes behind it to be visible. In the example, each box transparently overlays the boxes below it. This behavior can be overridden by using one of the existing background properties .

You should always be on the lookout for areas in your organization that could use improvement. To spot opportunities and potential improvements, consider the following from the problem-finding stage of the Simplex Process :

Get into the habit of looking for these things – perhaps set a repeating appointment in your diary to remind you to look for them; and, when things go wrong, think about how you can fix them.


For more on implementing your ideas, see our articles on the Simplex Process and on Ruffle Hem Dress NSR Clearance Low Shipping Buy Cheap Supply Excellent Sale Online Outlet Footlocker Finishline Official Online YKDp3P8

Imagine that you've come up with a creative way of breaking through a bottleneck in your customer service process. Before you head straight to your boss with your idea, stop and do some homework. Think about the costs and risks associated with the idea. (Tools like Cost/Benefit Analysis , Risk Analysis and Impact Analysis will help here.)

Where the cost of the project and the consequences of something going wrong are small, consider going ahead with your idea directly, while keeping your boss "in the loop" (how far you should do this depends on your relationship with your boss). Where risks or costs are more significant, consider preparing a Low Shipping Fee Sale Online Chloe Crochet Lace OfftheShoulder Dress NSR Clearance View Free Shipping Official Buy Cheap Official zqOb8J
, and ask for authorization before you go ahead.

You've already shown initiative by coming up with a solution. Make sure that you follow this through by doing your homework on the idea. The more you have researched and considered your ideas, the higher your chances of success will be.

Persistence is the art of moving forward even when you encounter inertia or difficulty. People who show initiative often encounter difficulties and setbacks along the way, so Print Skirt Haute Rogue Free Shipping Amazon gAx0X
and rational persistence (where you listen to, consider, and appropriately modify your direction depending on other people's input) are essential if you want to achieve what you've set out to do.

When you're persisting with your idea, you'll find things much easier if you learn how to manage change effectively – this can often make the difference between success and failure for a project. It's also helpful to learn how to Discount Visit Bring It Up Breast Shapers Fashion Style Cheap Online QzsiT49
, since people may already have an opinion on a subject before you even start presenting your idea.

While it's important to take initiative, it's just as important to be wise in the way that you use it. In some situations, it can be inappropriate to take initiative, and people who generate too much extra work for other people can upset others.

For instance, you might have worked with a colleague who was "gung-ho" about every idea. He was constantly pushing the team, and your boss, to lead the next project or to implement a new idea. However, some of his ideas were naïve, his persistence in taking the initiative often crossed the line into aggressiveness, and perhaps the team felt that he "rocked the boat" too much at a time when other team members were overloaded.

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Gallery: Man shot dead in Southtown community of Birmingham


By Anna Beahm

[email protected]

A man was fatally shot at a public housing complex in the Southtown community in Birmingham Thursday night, Birmingham police said.

Around 7:30 p.m., South precinct officers responded to the 900 block of 23 Street South on a report of one shot, said Sgt. Johnny Williams. Officers arrived and found a man partially inside and partially outside the rear of the apartment suffering from a gunshot wound.

He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Police are still interviewing witnesses. No suspect is in custody at this time.

The identity of the deceased has not been made public, pending notification of next of kin.

Further details were not immediately available. The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information about the shooting should contact Birmingham police or report information anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers at 204-254-7777.

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By Leada Gore

[email protected]

The husband and wife team of editors for Yellowhammer News are leaving the conservative Alabama-based political website.

J. Pepper Bryars announced in a Monday column he and his wife, Rachel, were leaving the website they joined eight months ago. Pepper Bryars had served as the website's editor, while Rachel Bryars was managing editor.

"Now that we've successfully reached that "next level," Rachel and I have chosen to pass along the editing reins and focus entirely on our true passion - writing," Pepper Bryars said. "We also sincerely appreciate Allison Ross, the website's owner and publisher, for the remarkable opportunity she gave us, and for the trust and faith she placed in our abilities."

Yellowhammer was founded in 2011 by Cliff Sims. Sims later took a leave from absence to work with Donald Trump's presidential campaign and then in the White House Communications Office.

Ross purchased the website in September 2017.

Sims left the Trump administration in May, with reports saying he was Black cotton shirt with darts Outlet Affordable Buy Cheap 2018 Unisex 87PZOtnH

Sims has not taken that job, however, and rumors circulated he was let go from the White House.


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